Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orion's Distinguished Military Technician Conference - July 13 - 14 in Jacksonville, FL

Due to the success of past Distinguished Military Technician Conferences, Orion has scheduled another special conference for the chance to interview top tier military technicians and distinguished veterans with unmatched experience, certifications and professional aspiration. The conference will be held July 13 & 14 in Jacksonville, FL.

Distinguished Military Technicians include:
  • Nuclear Qualified Electricians, Electronics Technicians and Mechanics 
  • Technical candidates with Bachelor’s degrees 
  • Technicians with distinguished certifications and experience, including Engineering Supervisors, Maintenance Supervisors, and Plant Watch Supervisors
  • Those open to high travel, with clean driving records, and excellent communication skills
  • Those that are geographically flexible and open to living in multiple regions of the country

This is one of our premiere hiring events of the year, and you will not see the quality candidates at any other event.

If you would like to attend this Distinguished Military Technician Conference, please click here to learn more.

Don't just take our word on the success of our events:

“We are hiring for technical roles through Orion and decided to do so because veterans represent a known quantity of leadership and skill level. My experience with Orion has been so much easier than with previous recruiting firms. I've had years of experience with other firms, and it seems that they all decided that complacency is the new marketing strategy. Orion has changed my attitude towards recruiting services and has actually made this an enjoyable process. We have received stellar customer service.” – Jim Perry, Jorgensen Forge

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