Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Industry Spotlight: Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

Veterans are excelling in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry, putting their Leadership, Technical, and Operations skills to good use. Top companies in the field, including Medtronic, McKesson, Astra Zeneca, Siemens, and Smith & Nephew, are leveraging this talent to drive production and sales.

Medtronic, a premier medical technology and services company, has embraced this concept to such a degree that they created a Sales Development program, with the primary objective of taking talented professionals with minimal sales experience and, through an intensive immersion program, preparing them to become successful Sales Representatives. Medtronic continues to find success hiring veterans through this program and actively promotes these veterans.

Veterans have found great success as primary care representatives to district managers in the pharmaceutical industry and have showed strength in the competitive field of medical equipment and device sales.  Veterans are very competitive and successful as they grow into future leadership positions in the sales hierarchy.

Former service members aren't, however, only cut out for a Sales position in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry. They are also ideal for the following positions:

Manufacturing / Operational Leadership Positions

Veterans have a true understanding of the link between leadership and production, quality, safety, maintenance, and procedural compliance.  They are able to communicate and build teams from the individual to the plant level. 

Field Service Positions

Military technicians are highly skilled in using technology as they troubleshoot and repair electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. and make great civilian technicians responsible for the installation, calibration, and servicing of their company’s capital equipment.  

Maintenance Positions in Manufacturing

Military technicians are highly skilled on electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. They can troubleshoot down to the card and component level if necessary.  They are accustomed to working in tough environments with little supervision.  Clean room or rooms requiring a degree of clean room clothing are often acceptable to veterans, as is shift work.  

FDA Compliance and Quality Related Positions

Veterans understand cGMP and SOPs that govern the pharmaceutical or live agent manufacturing process.  Safety Compliance and Procedural Compliance are taught and reinforced in the military. This translates easily into the strict cGMP in the manufacturing process. 

Failing to recruit veterans for careers in Pharmaceutical/Medical Device means your company could be missing out on the great skills and knowledge they possess. Click here to learn more about hiring veterans and give your company a competitive advantage.

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