Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Industry Update: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Transportation

In an article posted on Sept. 2, 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that despite the recent economic crisis in China, the housing market continues to see growth and construction spending has increased to its highest level in seven years, likely fueling more domestic demand for imported goods. This is good news for veterans seeking civilian jobs in the supply chain management, logistics and transportation industries, as their military experience gives them a definitive edge in this competitive job market.
What Makes Veterans an Ideal Fit?
So, what makes veterans ideal candidates for careers in supply chain, logistics and transportation management? Here are just a few of the many transferrable skills and experiences veterans bring to this challenging and growing industry: 
  • They have experience moving people, fuel, food, medical supplies and other materiel over long distances in challenging conditions;
  • They are mission-oriented and adept at overcoming obstacles to ensure success;
  • They have the ability to constantly evaluate multiple variables in constantly   changing conditions to determine needs;
  • They are adept in building and leading diverse and multi-functional teams;
  • They are proficient in using industry standard inventory and supply databases,  software and related technology;
  • They quickly adapt and adjust to changing priorities while staying on target;
  • They respect and observe safety protocols and procedures.
Who is Hiring Veterans?
Many Fortune 500 companies, including the Whirlpool Corporation, Honda, Michelin, as well as Honeywell International and its subsidiaries, employ military veterans in positions such as Procurement, Supply Chain Planning Analyst, Integrated Supply Chain Supervisor, and Logistics Supervisor. These companies and others support their veteran employees through programs and initiatives within their organizations, and engage in community events and causes supporting veterans and their families. As a company founded by former military members, Orion International supports this engagement and strives to connect employers with the highest quality candidates available.
How Can Employers Connect to Military Talent?
Orion International offers many ways to connect employers to top military talent. Hiring events, such as Orion’s Regional and Distinguished Candidate Conferences offer employers opportunities to connect in person to candidates at an invitation-only event which is tailored to both employer and candidate needs.
Want to exceed the hiring standard for your organization by employing top military talent? Visit Orion’s Hire Military page today to learn about Orion’s Military Talent Programs™, recruiting services, temp to perm/contract services, and hiring events.

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