Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SmartCCM Think Tank on Veteran Hiring Explores Military Hiring Strategies

Steve Casey, Sr. Partner and Vice President, Strategic Programs at Orion International, recently participated in an innovative think tank hosted by SmartCCM designed to explore best practices in hiring veterans, particularly in the healthcare industry. SmartCCM is a chronic care management company that communicates with patients on behalf of their doctor between visits to provide more consistent and better quality care that improves patient outcomes. In an effort to be the leader in the U.S. in hiring hundreds of Veterans in a new niche in the healthcare industry, the company hosted the SmartCCM Think Tank on Veteran Hiring.

Held in July 2015 in Dallas, TX, the event brought together a variety of people from different veteran backgrounds and non-profit organizations. The event also hosted two Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl players for another perspective on transitions in life, etc. There were a number of company representatives, partner firms, entrepreneurs, etc., in the audience.

SmartCCM conducted the think tank to highlight the need to create a dedicated process to hire, train, and onboard veterans. The panel’s overall themes included the ideas that:
  • Veterans are excellent target for SCCM staff
  • Most veterans have extensive medical field training
  • Veterans will relate well to seniors (may have chronic conditions themselves)
  • Veterans will embrace the mission (a sense of duty, service to others)
  • Veterans are internally motivated
  • Veterans aspire to meet and exceed expectations

Additionally, the panel discussed retaining veterans once they are hired, a subject many companies neglect in developing a military hiring strategy. Their conclusions were that the most critical time is first three months, and that veterans need a path to grow and ultimately advance in the hierarchy. The company will be publishing the results of the panel to various sources.

SCCM is a great example of a company striving to develop the best military recruiting program they can by calling in the experts. Many companies that have not done their research may have no idea how veterans can relate to Corporate America or the real strengths they bring to organizations. This worthwhile event introduced veterans as the quality civilian employees they are, and Orion was proud to be a part of this innovative panel.

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