Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Robert Nardelli Shares Veteran Hiring Advice

Robert Nardelli, Founder, Chairman & CEO at XLR-8, penned some very sage advice recently as part of LinkedIn’s Pulse series #HowIHire. Having served as CEO of GE Transportation, GE Power Systems, The Home Depot, and Chrysler, Nardelli is well-positioned to offer advice on how to build a winning team. Titled Bring Your Inner Child to the Job Interview, Nardelli shares what he looks for in job candidates, which proves to be very useful insight for job seekers and hiring managers. As the title states, he looks for a childlike curiosity or for candidates that “exhibit passion and enthusiasm for work… folks who are willing to learn and grow both horizontally and vertically within the business.”

In addition to his desire to hire eager, enthusiastic people to his team, he also looks for team leaders. And it’s in veterans that he’s found this latter quality. At GE, Nardelli championed initiatives like the Junior Military Officer (JMO) Leadership Program and continued with similar programs at The Home Depot and Chrysler.

“I turned to veterans, whose leadership skills on the battlefield translate quite well into the battles of the boardroom. Their passion and commitment to the job, their cultural sensitivities, and their ability to work as a team have never let me down,” writes Nardelli.

And while some veterans may lack industry experience, Nardelli explains that he views their hiring as an investment as opposed to an expense. So, while hiring manager should see it as an investment, veteran job candidates should show that they’re worth that investment!

Nardelli recalls that he, like many business leaders, started at the bottom, but arrived at his initial interviews with “energy and knowledge that demonstrated they were well prepared for the challenges ahead.” Companies hiring veterans already know about their tangible skills, but shouldn’t necessarily always hire for those skills alone when looking for future leaders. Nardelli’s advice to seek open-minded and keen candidates can lead to a strong team that gets the job done.

Hiring veterans is a smart move, but one that must be done with the proper onboarding and guidance for non-military hiring managers. Thousands of companies have turned to Orion International over the past 24 years for just this type of support, many of whom have developed a Military Talent Program with Orion. These programs address all phases of the process, from sourcing, candidate attraction and recruiting, through on-boarding, integration, and retention. Companies like Siemens, Honeywell, SpaceX, and Honda are growing the number of veterans in their ranks while increasing their bottom line. 

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