Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not sure where to start with Military Hiring?

Hiring veterans is a smart move and companies like Siemens, Honeywell, SpaceX, and Honda are growing the number of veterans in their ranks, while increasing their bottom lines with Military Talent Programs. If you are a non-military Hiring Manager or HR professional seeking to hire military for the first time, it can be a challenge deciding where to begin. 

Your military recruiting methods need to be targeted and appropriate. Here are a few tips when hiring Veterans to make the process as smooth and productive as possible:    

1. Understand Basic Military Culture: Educate yourself about the military. Understand military candidates and their unique experiences and training.  It’s hard to know if a veteran will fit into your company unless you understand the mindset of a Veteran and the value that he or she will bring to your company. 

2. Learn More About Military Candidates: When posting positions within your company, review the required skills and consider using language that aligns well with military skill sets. Understand distinctions and describe the military roles that translate well for your job openings. Help translate their military experience to civilian job requirements. 

3. Understand Military Language: If you don’t understand how to translate military experience, you may lose qualified veteran candidates. Job descriptions are one of the main ways that candidates decide if they are a fit for the job, but candidates need to understand them. If you’re interested in attracting veterans, you can even incorporate specific keywords that will coincide with their military occupations. It is important to cross-reference your job descriptions with veteran skills. 

4. Ask Veterans the Right Questions: Veterans bring a unique skill set and set of experiences that is best understood through questions that go beyond the standard, "Name three weaknesses and strengths." The right questions will help you gain valuable insight into how a veteran's military experience translates into civilian qualifications.

Need some help with putting these steps into practice?

Thousands of companies have turned to Orion International over the past 25 years for this type of support, many of whom have developed an Orion Military Talent Program™. These programs address all phases of the process, from sourcing, candidate attraction and recruiting through on-boarding, integration, and retention.

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