Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You Can’t Find Our Candidates Anywhere Else!

Orion’s mission is to connect top-tier job candidates with military experience to high quality civilian employers. We’ve been building our business for over 25 years by expanding our networks and reach deep within the military community.

How We Do It

More of our hires come from referrals than from any other source. We understand the importance of word of mouth communication and the value of personal recommendations within the military. 98% of our candidates would recommend us to a friend or colleague, and 92% say that our services are better than our competitors.

Orion has built a unique network and relationship with the military. 74% of Orion hires are sourced via methods that require our unique combination of knowledge, networking, and access -- and cannot be bought or built. More than half of the military professionals hired through Orion don’t have an online job-seeker profile. 

Recruiting regularly from domestic and overseas military bases, we have unparalleled access to the top talent leaving the military. 

We have placed more than 36,000 former servicemen and women, and our alumni come back to us when they are looking to hire. 

In addition to our relationships with the military and civilian employers, Orion is able to describe military training and experience in ways that civilian employers can understand. We help our corporate clients understand the value of military service and we help our candidate clients describe how their military experience will translate into civilian success. 

If you’re seeking to fill your open positions with the right Military Talent, Orion has the solution. To get started, contact us today.

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