Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why You Should be Recruiting Senior Military Officers

Many companies approach building a military talent program with a preference for Junior Military Officers. And, while JMOs are an excellent talent pool from which to recruit, Hire a Hero wants to remind hiring managers that they should be considering Senior Military Officers, as well.  We have helped many successful Senior Military Officers who are able to leverage their Leadership, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Technical Management, Logistics, and/or Business Development related experiences in the civilian work force.

Ben Metzler is one such veteran. A retired Major in the Army, Ben was matched with a Project Management career in fleet management through Orion. “Most of my career was in Operations, which translates really well to running projects in the civilian world. There are significant parallels between my experience as a BN Operations and Executive Officer and leadership positions to my new career as a Project Manager,” says Ben.

“The way the Army conducts day-to-day operations is very project based.  Preparing for live fire gunneries, individual, team, and battery/company/battalion gunneries, Table gunneries, field exercises, prep for deployment, etc., all fit the PMI description of projects.  I feel like I am better prepared to succeed in my new career than I would have been had I risen through the ranks of the civilian world," he explains.

There are many positions for which a Junior Military Officer may be better suited, but it is short-sighted to overlook the breadth of experience and potential that comes with a Senior Military Officer like Ben and dismiss them as either “over-qualified", or yet "not qualified" for executive level roles that are a closer lateral move from their military titles.

At Orion, we have seen Senior Military Officers successfully begin careers in a variety of industries and positions. Examples include Supply Chain Managers in the aerospace industry, Production Supervisors in the medical device industry, and Director of Inventory Management in power generation, to name a few. When management and director-level positions call for a seasoned leader, companies are well-served to consider Senior Military Officers.

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