Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Ways to Make Your Careers Website Veteran Friendly

A generic Careers website doesn't speak to veterans, since many are coming straight out of the military. In fact, veterans come from a unique situation with a variety of skill sets and expectations. If you are actively recruiting veterans, it is important to include the following on your careers website to let veteran candidates know you mean business:

1. If your company has been recognized for veteran hiring or is participating in a specific initiative, you should include any press or awards.

2. Veteran Spotlights are a great way of illustrating the success other veterans can expect at your company. It is a good idea to offer a variety of spotlights to cover different branches, MOS, and ranks.

3. Clearly state your company’s military-friendly HR policies.

4. Consider creating a career translator or having a veteran on the team help translate some of your job openings into language that may attract veterans.

5. Define any possible training programs, as veterans are used to this from the military.

6. Highlight any Veteran Affinity Groups or Veteran Mentorship Programs your company has available.

Including these six things on your Veterans Careers website can truly make an impact on the first impression a potential veteran employee has of your company. Not only does it tell them that you respect their service, but it also delivers the message that you are actively recruiting them because you understand their incredible worth in the civilian sector.

Want to see an example of a great military careers website in action? Check out Phillips 66's site here.

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