Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Key to Success at an Orion Hiring Conference

Orion’s Hiring Conferences are designed to recruit, assess, screen, and present the top military candidates for your hiring needs. We understand that people are the most important part of your organization. Where else can you find candidates with leadership ability and real-world military experience? At our Conferences, you’ll have the opportunity to interview up to 10 candidates in a day. Most clients fill between 1-5 positions within 21 days of a hiring conference.

By recruiting early and directly from the source, Orion can offer our clients access to a continuous pipeline of quality candidates not yet available to the rest of corporate America. Your Account Executive will provide you with key insight into the candidates you’ll be interviewing. We prescreen the candidates ahead of time to ensure a match with the culture, skills, location, and availability required.

How will you make the most out of your attendance at an Orion Hiring Conference? Check out a few pointers for a successful conference:

Know Your Audience

When talking to your interviewees, emphasize incentives such as the company's benefits packages and opportunities for advancement. Understand the experience and leadership skills former military personnel bring to the table and note the key characteristics or qualifications you’re seeking for your position.

Understand The Positions You Are Trying To Fill

Be sure to relay all information to your Account Executives concerning the qualifications of the candidates you’d like to place in your company. Understand your open positions, especially the hard-to-fill niche positions. Keep an open mind; you may interview a great candidate for a certain position and realize he or she is a perfect fit for a different position.

Follow Up After The Interviews

Orion is here to help with following up, but create a follow-up plan with candidates that you are interested in. Make it easy for the candidates to follow up with you. Bring business cards, and explain the company’s hiring procedures and second interview process.

If a candidate expresses interest after the conference, respond promptly and tell them what next steps you want them to take. For example, you may arrange a second interview or meeting with the human resource department.

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