Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hiring Conference v. Job Fairs

While a Military Hiring Conference and a Veteran Job Fair may seem like synonymous hiring methods, they are very different. 

While job fairs have helped companies find veterans, it is a more anonymous and less targeted way to go about it. There is no interview involved and the company representatives collecting the resumes may not have been educated on the best practices for hiring veterans or have time to discuss specifics with potentially qualified candidates, therefore losing out on quality recruits.

A Military Hiring Conference is not a Job Fair. Attendance is by invitation only. Our clients conduct one-on-one interviews with prescreened, qualified, top-tier military candidates, matched with the open position, location and salary, all in a private interview suite.  A Hiring Conference is the best opportunity to interview up to ten candidates in just two days

Cynthia Jones, HR Manager at Interplex Nascal, Inc, describes her experience at a recent Hiring Conference, “We discovered this Hiring Conference by accident but wanted to attend. Our Account Executive was so very helpful in making this happen. This was one of the best hiring events I have ever been to.”

Common feedback from our Hiring Conferences is that with so many qualified veterans, it's difficult to pick whom to hire. “Orion provided us with many qualified candidates. The hard part was choosing which ones we wanted," explains Ryan Carr, an Equipment Engineer at X-Fab Texas.
When it comes time to hire veterans, it is important to go to the best source for recruiting them. And while job fairs remain popular events, they are not necessarily as effective as Hiring Conferences. This is especially true according to our recent Military Transition Survey, conducted in January of this year. When asked to rank the effectiveness of Job Fairs and Hiring Conferences, Hiring Conferences were ranked as "Very Effective" 10 times more often than Job Fairs.

Military Job Fairs can be a great way to meet many service members in a single day and collect a high volume of resumes. However, when it comes to hiring effectiveness, Hiring Conferences can't be beat. An Orion Hiring Conference gives employers a chance to interview the best military job seekers, selected specifically for their open positions.

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