Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): About Novotus

Congratulations to our sister company Novotus, ranked #4 on’s Top 10 RPO Firms list.

4. Novotus
One big downside to RPO: As beneficial as it can be, it’s often out of reach for small companies. Large corporations have no problem finding RPO firms that will partner with them, but the costs can be prohibitive for mid-market businesses. Furthermore, some RPO firms simply won’t work with mid-market companies – it’s just not worth it for them.

Good news, though: If your mid-market company needs an RPO partner, look no further than Novotus, which specializes in serving mid-market businesses. In fact, Novotus was named the top mid-tier RPO firm by HRO Today back in 2014.

See? You don’t have to wait until your organization grows to a titanic size to leverage one of the best talent acquisition teams around.

About Novotus RPO Services
With Novotus’ RPO solution, the Novotus recruiting team will step in to provide a fully integrated recruiting platform. Novotus becomes your voice to the candidates, working seamlessly with hiring managers, within your existing ATS if desired, with client assigned email addresses and other contact info. Novotus will work to execute your recruiting strategy, while building the your employment brand and talent community at the same time.

RPO vs. Staffing Services
RPO vs. Staffing Services Staffing services and RPO are dramatically different.
Here are a few examples of RPO deliverables:
● Establish metrics and reporting structure specific to your organization.
● Novotus recruiters seamlessly integrate to recruit on behalf of your organization.
● Quarterly Review Sessions – Evaluate trends, review KPI fulfillment and discuss future needs.
● Continual evaluation and improvement of recruiting process and related outcomes.
● Workforce planning and strategic talent acquisition to support organizational growth.
● Consistent, predictable results that are metrics driven.

RPO Industry Growth
According to the Digital Journal, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Marketing - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2020, the continuous growth and implementation of software solutions, cloud and web based services, has helped streamline the recruitment process, which supports the growth of the market and provides opportunities for new players to enter the recruitment process outsourcing market.

Learn more about Orion International Sister RPO Company, Novotus, and how its services may benefit your company.

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