Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bachelor’s Degree vs. Military Experience

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Veterans bring a diverse range of skillsets with them to the civilian world. They have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts. In addition, they can enter your workforce with identifiable and transferable skills, proven in real world situations. This background can reduce a Veteran’s learning curve and enhance your organization's productivity. Veterans are accustomed to fast paced operational environments and have spent their time in the military learning to be both efficient and proficient.
Despite all this experience, some employers may wonder if military experience is comparable to having completed a Bachelor’s degree?
Bachelor’s degrees are a benchmark certification for someone’s ability to think critically and communicate effectively through speech and writing. An employer wants to know that their next employee can think through complex issues and communicate with people at an acceptable and effective level. Depending on the job, many employers require at least a bachelor's degree. Hiring managers believe that they gain something extra in terms of talent and potential by hiring someone who has completed 4-year degree. But is that degree more valuable than hands-on experience veterans gain in the military?
Employers may want to consider military experience as at least equal to a four-year degree. The leadership, teamwork, and efficient performance under pressure are just a few attributes military veterans bring to the office environment. Read more about the attributes and qualities unique to the military candidates.

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  1. Even within the US Government, many positions go to people with a bachelor's degree over military service. The one place you might think it would be different, the VA, it's the same. They say the hold out some jobs for veterans exclusively, but they are the lowest level janitorial jobs. The vast majority of people at the VA that tell veterans how to fix their lives are fresh out of college with no real world experience, they don't have any idea what being a veteran is all about and most don't care.