Wednesday, May 17, 2017

6 Advantages of Hiring Military Personnel Through Orion

Veterans have a great deal to offer to potential civilian employers, including qualities such as leadership, decision making, persistence, and attention to detail. However, for civilian employers, understanding what skills veterans have received formal training in, and will likely demonstrate on the job, can be challenging.  Military and civilian workplace cultures and languages can seem radically different from one another.

Orion is here to help bridge this translational gap between military and civilian skills and bring you the right military talent for your current and future workforce development needs.

Here are just 6 of the reasons to turn to Orion:

  1. Orion is the nation's largest military recruiting firm, and our network within the military is unmatched. We heavily invest in our recruiting tools and networks so that you do not have to. 98% of our candidates would recommend us to a friend or colleague, and 92% say that our services are better than our competitors.
  2. The quality of our veteran job seekers. Orion's Military Grade Talent represents 86% of transitioning Active Duty JMOs and 34% of Military Technicians and Technical NCOs separating from the military, and referrals are the #1 source of Military Candidates hired through Orion.
  3. Candidates you would not otherwise have access to. Nearly 2/3 of Orion hires are sourced via methods that cannot be bought or built without our proprietary access and years of networking effort. In fact, more than 1/2 of the military professionals hired through Orion do not have an online job seeker profile.
  4. Military Hiring Conferences and Distinguished Candidate Conferences. An Orion Hiring Conference is your chance to interview the best military job seekers, selected specifically for your open positions. You will be presented with prescreened, qualified and suitably matched veterans that are interested in your available opportunities.
  5. Orion is the ONLY military recruiting firm to offer Military Talent Programs. Orion is the only company to offer a full-cycle Military Talent Program that address all phases of the process, from candidate attraction and recruiting, through on-boarding, integration, and retention. Learn more about Military Talent Programs.
  6. Orion’s services are completely customized. While we offer a number of methods for candidate delivery, our specialty is creating a program unique to each of the organizations we support. At our expense we will visit your site and profile your needs, prior to creating a plan of action.

Let us help you with your Military hiring needs. Whether you need to quickly ramp up hiring for project based needs, are looking for a company-wide coordinated Military Talent Strategy, or are seeking to fill just a few positions with the right Military Talent, Orion has the solution. To get started, contact us today.

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