Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Talent Solutions Survey Results Now Available - Making the Grade: Where Talent Solution Providers Succeed (and Fail)

On June 7, Orion Talent released the results of its survey, Making the Grade: Where Talent Solution Providers Succeed (and Fail). The goal of the survey was to better understand what makes talent supplier relationships tick, whether it be speed of response, access to real-time metrics, or overall business alignment. Utilizing data from an online survey of 119 talent solution clients, the survey yielded some interesting results.

Perhaps most revealing was that more than two thirds of companies reported their business goals are aligned with talent solution providers at the start of engagements, but that alignment plummets to a D grade over time. On average, companies rate the alignment between their current talent programs and strategic business objectives a 69 out of 100. When asked how this misalignment could be improved, clients reveal their top three answers: metrics to show business impact and success, better communication with executive leadership, and recurring meetings with company leaders throughout the engagement.

“There is incredible opportunity for providers to elevate themselves as strategic business partners,” said Orion Talent CEO, Mike Starich. “Our survey reveals the client-provider relationship declines significantly as the engagement progresses. It starts off great, with more than two thirds of companies saying alignment is good or excellent. But over time, lack of communication and metrics that work for both sides deteriorate the partnership. Providers and clients must both revisit program goals and SLAs to manage program changes, and better communication between providers, HR, and executive leadership is essential.”

Our survey also revealed the following:

Top-ranked characteristics of A and B providers
Delivering quality of candidates (35 percent)
Meeting volume/scale of recruiting needs (21 percent)
Effective communication (18 percent)

Reasons providers fail
Companies say 35 percent of providers fail
Failure to reduce cost is the #1 reason for failure
Metrics holds the #2 spot, tied with failure to recruit passive candidates

But there is hope! More clients try to fix things with the provider than cut ties with them (47 percent vs. 40 percent). But these providers have a short window to prove their ROI—37 percent give their provider 1-3 months and 34 percent allow 4-6 months to prove success.

These are just few of the many meaningful insights from our survey. Click here to download our survey report.

Want to learn more about what this data means for you and how you can get actionable advice? Click here to watch “Why Staffing and Recruiting Relationships Fail – and How You Can Avoid It”, an webinar presented by Cory Kruse, President, Orion Novotus; and Malaika Kattke, Senior Human Resources Manager, Americas Region for QAD Inc.

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