Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hire Veterans for These 4 Great Manufacturing Positions

Manufacturing has long been an excellent fit for transitioning veterans. Companies like Ardagh Group and Honda leverage the talent and leadership veterans bring with them from the military. In particular, over the last 26+ years at Orion Talent, we've seen veterans excel in many areas, including the four below.

1. Operations Leadership
Military candidates are able to understand the relationship between quality, quantity, maintenance, safety, and the people they supervise. They bring a depth of leadership, ethics, and a proven record of success that continues on the manufacturing floor. Veterans are able to operate in a wide variety of environments from labor-intensive, low-tech, to semiconductor chip manufacturing. Manufacturers seek these team leaders to positively affect their work environment in need of positive and progressive leadership.
2. Maintenance Technicians
After receiving tremendous training and real world experience on troubleshooting electrical, mechanical or electronic systems, veterans make an instant impact working on a maintenance team in a manufacturing environment. They are accustomed to working shifts from their time in the military, and work well either on a team or independently. Technicians in the military are taught preventive, immediate, emergency and scheduled maintenance. Working well under stress and in arduous conditions, maintenance repair technicians thrive in manufacturing today.
3. Quality Engineering and Improvement
Throughout the last several decades, manufacturing has been highly focused on the relationship between quality, waste, cost, and efficiency. Military candidates were brought in to help improve and influence change in manufacturing. This occurred through quality initiative programs that included Six Sigma programs or upgrading technology and machinery. Companies have relied on veterans to find agents of change with strong communication skills, who are simultaneously technologically adept, motivational, and influential.
4. Logistics and Transportation
Veterans have experience moving assets through air, land, and sea on a daily basis. They understand inventory control management, supply chain management and leveraging efficiencies through people and technology. Additionally, they understand how logistics must support the manufacturing process and its effect on the bottom line of the cost of goods sold or profit margins.
Veterans are an excellent fit for any manufacturing position, but these particular careers really allow a veteran to utilize their skill set and affect change at their company. Click here to learn more about hiring veterans in manufacturing. 

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