Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Military Hiring in the Construction Industry

Orion is here to help bridge this translational gap between military and civilian skills and bring you the right military talent for your current and future workforce development needs. Over the past few weeks we have compiled a couple of articles and a video on benefits of hiring military into the construction industry.

We have helped more than 1000 veterans begin exciting new civilian careers in the construction industry. From homebuilding to commercial to industrial construction, these veterans bring valuable experience and skills to careers such as Project Engineers, Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents/Assistant Superintendents, Construction Manager, and Leadership Development Programs. Within companies like Siemens, PulteGroup, Lennar Homes, Clark Construction, and Taylor Morrison.

Read and listen to additional reason for hiring military in the construction industry:
  1. Military Veterans in Construction - VIDEO - David Coe, Orion Senior Vice President, speaks with For Construction Pros on why US military veterans are a great fit for the construction industry, and how employers can find the right Veterans for their organization.
  2. Industry Spotlight: Veterans in Construction - Read Orion’s blog on examples of how veterans fit into this industry.
  3. The Benefits of Hiring Veterans - Construction Business Owner Magazine - Orion CEO Mike Starich had the opportunity to write an article for Construction Business Owner Magazine about the benefits of hiring Veterans in the construction industry and a step-by-step guide to implementing an effective Veteran Hiring program.
Let us help with your Military hiring needs. Whether you need to quickly ramp up hiring for project based needs, are looking for a company-wide coordinated Military Talent Strategy, or are seeking to fill just a few positions with the right Military Talent, Orion has the solution. To get started, contact us today.

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