Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association Market Report - October 2016

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association recently wrote an Industry Spotlight on Orion’s recent acquisition of Novotus and its impact on the RPO Market.  
Novotus History

Novotus was founded in Austin, Texas in 2002 by Mike Mayeux and Jimmy Taylor, whose goal was to reinvent the way vendors partnered with their clients to provide successful recruiting outcomes -  by putting people at the center of their delivery solutions. Both were two of the co-founders and active members of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, and committed to the growth of Novotus and the recruitment process outsourcing industry in general.
Novotus is Latin for “change, alter or reinvent” and operates on the key principle that a deep partnership with clients is the key to providing the best possible workforce.

The Novotus Philosophy

Novotus has six core values that make the company unique:
Novotus Blog.JPG
Moving Forward

Novotus was born in the heart of Texas, a major hub of growth, innovation and vitality, and remains a reflection of Austin and its community. Novotus will grow its RPO business by leveraging past and present success, while quickly expanding through the support of Orion International. As the company grows, they have never wavered from their commitment to their core competency - to be the best recruiting delivery partner in the world.

Novotus customers depend on the company to ensure their positions are filled with great talent in a cost-effective manner. Contact Novotus today to learn more about RPO and how an outsourced solution can help you tackle any talent challenge you are facing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How RPO through Novotus Can Improve Hiring & Control Costs

In January 2016, Orion International acquired Novotus, the #1 Mid-Market Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm, to create a new suite of recruiting solutions designed to satisfy even the most challenging of hiring needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO, is defined by The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA)  as “a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. RPO providers can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage one or two aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department”. RPO, in combination with the best-in-class Military Talent Programs Orion International offers, gives clients the opportunity to take their hiring to the next level with customized talent acquisition solutions.

Cory Kruse, President of Novotus
Led by Cory Kruse and a seasoned team of professionals, Novotus is an Austin, Texas, based RPO company that has been delivering recruiting results for more than 14 years. In the annual RPO Baker’s Dozen List, compiled by HRO Today, Novotus ranked #1 in the Mid-Tier or Specialty Market Leaders category. Human Resource Executive and The Outsourcing Industry compiled client surveys to create a ranking of RPO provider strengths, which ranked Novotus as the highest overall provider for Mid-Size deals.  

Novotus’ goal is to improve hiring results and control costs. Novotus becomes the voice of a client’s recruiting team, and takes responsibility for the process and results of  recruiting, from requisition launch through hiring and onboarding. Novotus works seamlessly with hiring managers, within their existing ATS (if desired), with client assigned email addresses and other contact info. As they work to execute the agreed upon recruiting strategy,  Novotus will simultaneously build a customer's employment brand and talent communities.

Staffing services and RPO are different, so you may wonder what deliverables RPO offers? They include:

- Established metrics and reporting structure specific to your organization.
- Quarterly Review Sessions – Evaluate trends, review KPI fulfillment and discuss future needs.
- Continual evaluation and improvement of recruiting process and related outcomes.
- Workforce planning and strategic talent acquisition to support organizational growth.
- Consistent, predictable results that are metrics driven.

Novotus also offers Client Talent Briefs. These frequent updates include the industry trends, specific strategy and ROI in a Talent Brief that can be shared with executive team, thus helping clients communicate effectively with company leaders--another integral part of any recruiting solution.

To discuss your recruiting needs with Novotus and receive a free, no obligation proposal, please contact Novotus here

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Guantanamo Bay Families Evacuate to Naval Air Station Pensacola ahead of Hurricane Matthew

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay braced for the impact of Hurricane Matthew but the Hurricane ploughed through Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, making landfall near Haiti, around 7 am ET.  
This Category 4 storm is the strongest in the Caribbean in nearly a decade. The hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph, has brought “life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.” Rainfall of up to 25 inches -- with isolated areas of 40 inches, according to the National Hurricane Center.

U.S. military cargo planes began evacuating about 700 spouses and children of troops and other staff from Guantanamo Bay to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla on Sunday in preparation of the hurricane.

hurrican 2.jpg
The base best known for its war-on-terror prison — now holding 61 detainees, staffed by about 2,000 temporary troops and contractors — also has sailors, families and contractors permanently living there. About 6,000 people live there, including about 250 school-age children with their Navy families and 2,000 Jamaican and Filipino contract laborers.
According to In Cuba Today. the Guantánamo base spokeswoman, Julie Ripley, announced on Sunday “mandatory evacuation” of “all non-essential personnel” in a statement earlier Saturday. This means that the military will pick up the cost of flights and lodging of the family members in Pensacola, as well as provide an allowance for food. “This includes dependents, school-aged children, special needs families, and their pets.”
In addition, she said, Coast Guard personnel were being evacuated to Miami, and the Navy’s small C-12 aircraft were being flown from the base to shelter in Jacksonville.
Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, the base’s Navy headquarters stated that Naval Air Station Pensacola “has quarters to house the families” from Guantánamo Bay and counselors “to provide assistance.” At Guantánamo, it said “the remaining military and civilian personnel will shelter in place and be able to support recovery efforts once safe to do so following the storm’s passage.”
How can you help?

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States.  In addition to domestic disaster relief, the American Red Cross offers services in four other areas: communications services and comfort for military members and their family members; the collection, processing and distribution of blood and blood products; educational programs on preparedness, health, and safety; and international relief and development programs. For more information, go to

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Orion's Raleigh Team Helps Build Home for Local Veteran

On Friday, September 23, team members from Orion International's Raleigh office proudly joined the team at Operation: Coming Home to help put the finishing touches on a house being built for wounded US Marine Raider Sgt. Brandan Taylor in Holly Springs, NC. Operation: Coming Home builds and give away homes to veterans who were severely wounded in combat with the help of local home builders and subcontractors.

Orion was honored to be able to send six employees to help paint, hammer, and lay sod. 

We look forward to this upcoming Friday when we will be sending another team!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Military Veterans provide a new competitive advantage for Tech companies

The tech industry is booming and companies are finding it hard to attract and retain great employees. This is a concern for hiring managers over many different industries, but Tech companies are realizing that Veterans with an IT background have the skills, experience and discipline that they want and need.

Many employers are missing out on great employees since they often don't know how to interpret the relevance of veterans skills or appreciate their capacity for such all-purpose skills as rapid learning and leadership abilities. At the same time, many veterans find the major obstacle in their transition into the civilian world is translating their military skills and experience to the civilian hiring manager that may have no military knowledge.

How do we bridge that gap? Orion is here to help, we have invested 25+ years in building and developing far-reaching networks into the military community so that you do not have to. We have found rewarding careers for more than 36,000 veterans and will match your companies needs and skill set preferences with the RIGHT candidate. Learn more about the  Orion Advantage. We are certain that a partnership with Orion will result in the upper hand in hiring that you have been searching for, and we hope to work with you to strategically help your company grow and prosper.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Veteran Spotlight: Andrew Sanders

This month, Hire a Hero is pleased to check in with Orion alumnus Andrew Sanders, a former Aviation Electronics Technician in the Navy. Andrew attended an Orion Hiring Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, in May 2016, and was matched with a career as a Field Service Representative with ARxIUM, a leader in pharmacy solutions.

“While my terminal leave was roughly 30 days, happily, there was only a five-day gap between leaving the military and beginning my career at ARxIUM,” recalls Andrew of his transition. 

Andrew now works in Field Support for Pharmacy Automation. He tells us that his military skills have helped—from working with his hands to communicating with the customer and using organization and time management to his advantage.  “In my new job, I travel once a week for preventative maintenance and work in a clean room environment. I could advance to a higher grade technician in the future,” explains Andrew, “My overall demeanor in real time, high tempo, stressful situations has already helped. In the Navy, we are taught to methodically approach these situations and react with time-critical solutions.”

Andrew has great advice for hiring managers looking to recruit veterans: "Give veterans a chance! From the most junior service member to the old-timer getting out, we have habits and skills you can't describe. We don't know how to fail, we give you 100% and enjoy doing it. Hooyah!!!!"

Congratulations to Andrew on his new career. We are happy to have played a part in it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Orion's Unique Value to our Clients

When you are looking to hire Veterans there is no better company to contact than Orion. We have invested 25+ years in building and developing best-in-class Military Talent Programs and we have found careers for more than 36,000 Veterans within the Fortune 500 and beyond.

Orion International provides unparalleled customer service and dedication to our customers’ hiring needs, and the quality of our Military Grade Talent is unmatched.

We recently asked our customers to well us what they find most valuable about Orion’s service, and how we compare to our competitors. We learned that our clients value:  
  • High quality of Orion’s military candidates;
  • Our efficient process that can flex based on their changing needs and timelines.
  • Results driven mindset, focused on the right match between each candidate and client company;
  • Orion is the creator of Military Talent Programs which combine Hiring, Training, Brand Marketing, Reporting and Consulting. Our clients value the broad and coordinated approach we bring to efficiently hire military talent for sustained impact within a company.
Our On Time process is smooth and efficient, and we operate on your timeline rather than requiring you work on ours. We do more than provide the talent - we provide the right match, leading to an On Target hire, the best possible fit for each candidate and client company we represent.

Don't take just our word for it, read more about what our clients are saying.