Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sun Chemical Partners with Orion International to Hire Veterans

Sun Chemical, the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments, is the newest company to partner with Orion International to create a Military Talent Program. With annual sales over $3.5 billion, Sun Chemical has over 8,000 employees supporting customers around the world and will be adding military veterans to this number through this partnership. Available positions include Printing Ink Technician, Inplant Supervisor, Regional Inplant, Operations Manager, and Sales Representative.

Sun Chemical announced the new program on Monday in a press release. The partnership, which became official after the two organizations began working together on a contingency basis in 2014 with impactful results, was instituted as “a way to give back to those that stood as the last line of defense for the country and as a way to find highly qualified job candidates.” Orion will provide a full-cycle Strategic Military Program that addresses all phases of the process, from candidate attraction and recruiting, through on-boarding, integration, and retention.

“The printing industry is a mature industry and we found ourselves in a place where we needed to recruit and develop the next generation of talent for Sun Chemical. We wondered if Orion’s network with the military could be the pipeline to help us build a bench,” said Jarred Carter, Vice President of Sales and Customer Technical Service, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “As we started attending Orion events, we found the kind of people we have been looking for to meet our present and future business needs—people with strong work ethic, discipline, and core foundational competencies. We’ve had twenty placements at Sun Chemical through this partnership this past year and they have brought great ideas that have energized our team while also making a strong impression on our customers.”

Orion is proud to have partnered with Sun Chemical to help the company add qualified and highly talented veterans to its ranks. Click here to learn more about how you can work with Orion to hire veterans.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Difference Between Military Headhunters and Military Recruiters

If you need help finding military talent, one of the best tools for a successful hiring process is working with a headhunter or recruiter. While headhunters and recruiters may seem synonymous, there exist many differences between the two career fields, which vary in their approach to a candidate’s job search.

Read on to learn the difference between headhunters and recruiters, and how a military recruiter at Orion International can help you find top military talent that represent the highest quality of military job seekers available.

Headhunters work in a variety of industries, and are most common in the corporate, sales, and engineering fields. While they can work in headhunter firms, many headhunters work alone. Headhunters traditionally work with a “passive” candidate, or a candidate that may not be seeking new employment. A headhunter finds potential candidates by targeting industries that are similar to their client’s, calling employees that are in that particular career field or position.

Typically a headhunter works with candidates that may or may not seeking employment, and are more interested not in a candidate’s employment status, but if they are a good fit for the position their client is trying to fill.

As a result, a headhunter engages the potential candidate to see if they would be open to a career move, and attempts to sell them on why they should consider a change (most specifically, to their client). Headhunters are only involved in the initial finding stage of the hiring process, and do not have a presence in any additional part of employment.

Recruiters are similar to headhunters in that they work to understand what motivates a candidate, but they do not recruit candidates out of a targeted industry – in the case of the recruiters at Orion International, the military. Recruiters provide advice and guidance to help those finding a job to be able to begin a career, and are usually involved in more than just the initial contact of the hiring process.

For those looking to hire veterans, the biggest difference between working with a recruiter at Orion International versus a military headhunter specializing in veteran recruiting is that Orion specializes in military transition, most specifically jobs for Military Officers, Technicians, and Non-commissioned Officers.

“Since we (the recruiters) are veterans ourselves, we can give clear direction on what the transition is like, why the company may be a good fit, and sound steps along the way,” states Mike Wood, JMO Recruiting Manager at Orion International.

The military recruiters at Orion International are a great tool for veterans and those transitioning from the military. They can offer guidance through a very stressful and difficult process, provide recommendations on career fields that may be overlooked, and offer resume and interview preparation services. “Recruiters can translate your skills to an employer,” adds Wood.

Orion International recruiters are equipped to find the right military candidates for your company. Learn more about how Orion can help your company find top military talent.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Stay Motivated During the Dog Days of Summer

The days are getting longer, temperatures are steadily rising, the kids are out of school, and with the start of the first day of summer on June 21st, your goals and motivation at work start to slide. Nip those tendencies to slack off in the summertime so you won’t be feeling the crunch come September with some four easy tips to help you stay motivated, even when the temperature is in the triple digits.

Take advantage of the longer days. The key to staying motivated in the office starts at home. Take time to enjoy the extra hours of the day that the summer months allow by unwinding with a walk after dinner, treating yourself to some ice cream, or even seeing a baseball game. If you take the time to decompress after your day, you will be more prepared to face the next day and will be better able to handle any problems that arise.

Clear away the clutter. While springtime is usually reserved for cleaning, take advantage of the slower summer months to tidy up your desk, inbox, or tackle any projects that have been at the back of your mind. With a cleaner workspace and a freer mind, you will feel refreshed, accomplished, and recharged to keep going.

Don’t forget your fitness. When the temperatures rise, it can be easy to forget about your daily workout and hitting the gym. Who wants to sweat more than they have to in the summer? But don’t hang up your running shoes in June and pick them up again in September. Working out is a great, easy way to relieve stress and increase endorphins and energy, making you feel good about yourself, which in turn will translate into an increased work ethic and productivity at the office.

Keep your goals in mind. Set a goal – or two – at the beginning of the summer about what you would like to achieve in the workplace for the next couple of months. Write it down (this is important – you will be more apt to accomplish your goals if you write it down) and place your goals where you can see it daily. Having a goal will help you become more motivated and give you a sense of purpose and direction.

The summer months don’t have to be a drag in the office. Remember to take care of your body and mind inside and outside of work, and watch your productivity and motivation increase with the temperature.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Orion International at a Glance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you considering utilizing a military recruiter to help you find military talent for your company? Orion International, founded in 1991, is the nation's leading provider of best-in-class Military Talent Programs and has proudly placed more than 32,000 veterans into Fortune 500 companies and beyond. Check out the infographic below to learn not only what we offer our candidates in preparation for a civilian career with your company, but also the top industries in which we work, options for interviewing, and more about Orion International:

(Click for full scale image.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Industry Spotlight: Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

Veterans are excelling in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry, putting their Leadership, Technical, and Operations skills to good use. Top companies in the field, including Medtronic, McKesson, Astra Zeneca, Siemens, and Smith & Nephew, are leveraging this talent to drive production and sales.

Medtronic, a premier medical technology and services company, has embraced this concept to such a degree that they created a Sales Development program, with the primary objective of taking talented professionals with minimal sales experience and, through an intensive immersion program, preparing them to become successful Sales Representatives. Medtronic continues to find success hiring veterans through this program and actively promotes these veterans.

Veterans have found great success as primary care representatives to district managers in the pharmaceutical industry and have showed strength in the competitive field of medical equipment and device sales.  Veterans are very competitive and successful as they grow into future leadership positions in the sales hierarchy.

Former service members aren't, however, only cut out for a Sales position in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry. They are also ideal for the following positions:

Manufacturing / Operational Leadership Positions

Veterans have a true understanding of the link between leadership and production, quality, safety, maintenance, and procedural compliance.  They are able to communicate and build teams from the individual to the plant level. 

Field Service Positions

Military technicians are highly skilled in using technology as they troubleshoot and repair electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. and make great civilian technicians responsible for the installation, calibration, and servicing of their company’s capital equipment.  

Maintenance Positions in Manufacturing

Military technicians are highly skilled on electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. They can troubleshoot down to the card and component level if necessary.  They are accustomed to working in tough environments with little supervision.  Clean room or rooms requiring a degree of clean room clothing are often acceptable to veterans, as is shift work.  

FDA Compliance and Quality Related Positions

Veterans understand cGMP and SOPs that govern the pharmaceutical or live agent manufacturing process.  Safety Compliance and Procedural Compliance are taught and reinforced in the military. This translates easily into the strict cGMP in the manufacturing process. 

Failing to recruit veterans for careers in Pharmaceutical/Medical Device means your company could be missing out on the great skills and knowledge they possess. Click here to learn more about hiring veterans and give your company a competitive advantage.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Position your Company as a Featured Employer with Veterans

Orion's Military to Civilian Recruiting Team works hard to develop an outstanding reputation with military employers in order to offer our veteran job seekers satisfying new careers.  We have expertise in placing military job seekers into virtually every industryincluding Aerospace, Chemicals, Finance, Energy, Manufacturing, in positions ranging from technical to managerial, construction to engineering, and sales to manufacturing. 

Many of our clients, like Phillips 66, Honda, and SpaceX, have partnered with Orion as their exclusive or preferred source of Military Talent. These Featured Employers have distinguished themselves in their commitment to hiring Military. Because they realize the value that Veterans bring to the workforce, they continually seek to add transitioning and former Military service members to their ranks.

Many of the companies recognized as Featured Employers on our website utilize a customized Military Talent Program. These programs focus on delivering consistent quality and quantity of candidates, decreasing cost-per-hire by as much as 25%, while incorporating a Brand Marketing campaign and a training curriculum to educate HR, TA, and Hiring Managers on hiring Military talent.

Orion has 24 years of experience in Military Hiring and builds Military Talent Programs founded on our proven Best Practices in Hiring Military Talent and customized for our clients’ unique hiring needs. Additionally, our clients enjoy increased customer service when compared to traditional fee-per-hire recruiting services. 

We also provide expert consultation in becoming an Employer of Choice for Military Talent, guidance on establishing a successful Veterans Employee Resource Group (Veterans ERG), and design and implement organization-wide Military Employee Referral Programs.

Siemens, a Global Fortune 500 listed on the Forbes 2015 Most Valuable Brands, is among our Featured Employers. "We have found that Orion's military candidates transition seamlessly into many different types of roles throughout our organization, and they continue to impress us with their dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills. These military hires are technically proficient, experts in their fields, and consummate professionals,” explains the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Siemens Corporation, “Our long-standing partnership with Orion has helped to fill Siemens' ranks with talented men and women leaving military service, and we will continue to rely on Orion to meet our military hiring needs."

Orion can develop a solution for every hiring challenge. Click here to learn more about becoming a Featured Employer with Orion. You can also Follow Orion International on LinkedIn, Join our Hire A Hero, Hire a Veteran Group on LinkedIn, or Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Veteran [INFOGRAPHIC]

Need a reminder at a glance as to why you should be hiring veterans? Check out the infographic below from the National Federation of Independent Business. Their blog post and infographic serve to remind us that "Employing veterans isn’t just noble. You’ll benefit from their strong work ethic, leadership skills and can-do attitude."