Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

Veterans are a great source of talent for civilian employers. They bring distinctive capabilities and valuable skills developed through real-world, high pressure experience.

Orion is breaking new ground, delivering the precision of our highly successful talent acquisition processes to a wider market. Orion positions ourselves above and beyond the competition by offering the highest quality of candidate, flexible and personalized service, reduced cycle time, and cost savings.

The quality of Orion's Military Grade Talent is unmatched. We have invested 25+ years in building and developing far-reaching networks into the military community so that you do not have to. Our On Time process is smooth and efficient, and we operate on your timeline rather than requiring you work on ours. Rather than just providing the talent, we provide the right match, leading to an On Target hire, the best possible fit for each candidate and client company we represent.

The Business Case for Hiring Veterans highlights major points for hiring veterans into the civilian workforce and is intended to help employees develop and communicate the business case to their organization:

Please contact us today to learn more about hiring veterans from Orion International and request contact from our team.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Three Ways to Recruit with Orion & Novotus

A year ago, Orion broke new ground in the recruiting industry by acquiring Novotus, a leading provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Recruiting Services. This union of  the nation's top Military Talent Firm with a top, award-winning RPO firm provides greater impact and opportunity for both customers and candidates.

Clients are able to leverage this unique partnership in one of three ways:

Military Hiring

Orion is the most trusted military recruiting partner to businesses large and small across the nation. The spirit and commitment of military service is core to our values and confirms that nothing short of excellence will do as we bring businesses and military candidates together.

 - 7,500+ Businesses have hired 39,000+ Veterans through Orion.
 - 96% of our customers say they would refer us to a friend or colleague.

 - The Quality of our Military Talent is unmatched. In addition to the fact that our #1 source of hires is Referrals, 53% of our candidates do not have an online job seeker profile, and 74% are sourced via proprietary methods.

Check out this case study on a Comprehensive Military Veteran Recruiting Solution for a Global Supplier of electrification, automation, and digitalization solutions.

Skilled Talent Acquisition

Orion has led the military talent sector for more than 25 years, and we have expanded the reach of our recruiting force to help businesses fill their toughest talent needs.

Our skilled talent acquisition capabilities are focused on filling full-time, contingent and project roles in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, energy, aerospace, engineering, and technology.

 - Critical Recruiting Support with access to our vast talent network of 860K+ candidates.
 - 7000+ Skilled Professionals hired annually.
 - Get Top Skills in the Door, as our candidates arrive ready to make an immediate impact, with average improvements in turnover rate exceeding 20%.

Learn more about Skilled Talent Acquisition through this case study of a Recruiting Project which filled several key sales positions in one week here.

Recruitment Optimization

Novotus, an Orion company, is the #1 Mid-Market RPO Firm, dedicated to ensuring businesses achieve greater hiring outcomes and efficiency. Novotus provides a full range of talent acquisition optimization and support services, from project-based and co-sourced solutions, to comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing.

Businesses nationwide tap into Novotus processes, experience, ingenuity and teams, to achieve fundamentally better recruiting outcomes: better hires, faster fills, critical efficiency gains, process excellence, and strategic cost savings.

 - Reduce Recruitment Costs by 35%
 - Reduce Time-to-Fill by an average of 15 days
 - Average Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate of 91%

Click here to read this case study about the Novotus solution for an IT company with fractured recruiting system.

These three solutions enable Orion and Novotus to offer highly successful talent acquisition processes to a wider marketplace. Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise Media LLC, publisher of HRO Today Magazine, called the partnership "a unique and valuable offering for companies seeking RPO with a tried and true military talent component." We look forward to help your company meet its recruiting challenges!

Learn more about kick starting your recruiting process here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Orion’s Upcoming National Distinguished Candidate Conference in Dallas on March 6th-7th

Orion International provides the highest quality military candidates, and unparalleled customer service and dedication to our customers’ hiring needs. In 2016, nearly 175 client companies interviewed Orion's Military Officers at our Distinguished Candidate Conferences.

Here’s why you can't miss our first Distinguished Candidate Conference of 2017, which will be held in Dallas on March 6th - 7th:
  1. This event will feature nearly 100 of the nation’s top transitioning Military Officers who have consistently distinguished themselves from their peers in their education, military background and performance.
  2. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with the candidates the night prior to interviews at our Cocktail Reception, giving unique insight on the candidates outside of the formal interview process.
  3. You will only be presented with candidates that specifically meet the qualifications you are seeking, ensuring the event is an efficient and productive use of your time.  
  4. Hiring from this event will enable you to develop a strong pipeline of future leaders and foster strategic organizational growth.

"Our experience at Orion's Distinguished Candidate Conference was a great success. The candidates were of the highest caliber and extremely well matched for our Leadership Development Program. This event enabled us to hire 5 outstanding JMOs very efficiently, saving weeks of time. I look forward to seeing the impact these new leaders will have on BP." - Program Manager, BP

  1. Orion's Executive Leadership Team will be available throughout the event to discuss your company's talent strategy and workforce planning. Through our comprehensive Talent Solutions -  Military HIring, Skilled Talent Acquisition, and Recruitment Optimization - we can provide a solution to any talent challenge you are currently facing.

Still not sure if this is the event for you? Read more about the upcoming Dallas Distinguished Candidate Conference here and what employers have had to say about their experience.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Employers: Prepare for Spring Hiring Needs Now

The New Year is here and moving quickly. January brought with it eight Orion Hiring Conferences across the country and has resulted in our client companies coming away with high caliber talent to add to their ranks. We are offering six Hiring Conferences in February, followed by another six in March. Register now to attend one of our upcoming Hiring Conferences and interview Junior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Enlisted Technicians specifically recruited for your company. Now is the time to gear up for your spring/summer hiring needs. Check out our Winter/Spring conference schedule below:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Northeast Regional Hiring Conference - Philadelphia, PA (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

South Central Regional Hiring Conference - Houston, TX (Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Northwestern Regional Hiring Conference - Portland, OR (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Southeast Regional Hiring Conference - Jacksonville, FL (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Midwest Regional Hiring Conference - Detroit, MI (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Midwest and Central U.S. Military Technician Hiring Conference - Virginia Beach, VA (Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Monday, March 6, 2017

National Distinguished Candidate Conference - Dallas, TX (Distinguished Candidate)

South Central Regional Hiring Conference - Dallas, TX (Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Western Regional Hiring Conference - San Diego, CA (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

National Distinguished Candidate Conference - Dallas, TX (Distinguished Candidate)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Northeast Regional Hiring Conference - Providence, RI (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Northeast Regional Hiring Conference - Norfolk, VA (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Northwestern Regional Hiring Conference - Seattle, WA (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Southeast Regional Hiring Conference - Atlanta, GA (Officer/Enlisted Technician & NCO)

Click here to view our full Hiring Conference schedule.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Orion CEO Mike Starich shares advice on hiring veterans with Corporate Responsibility Magazine

Mike Starich, CEO of Orion International and Novotus, recently penned an article for Corporate Responsibility Magazine titled "Mission Accomplished: How to hire veterans to increase company diversity".  In the article, Starich, a former Marine Corps flight officer and officer recruiter, addresses the possible challenges to be overcome by both service members and employers when hiring veterans. He also gives five keys to success for creating a successful strategy for veteran hiring. Click here to read the article and get your veteran hiring program on track today.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Father and Son found careers through Orion 11 years apart

We are proud to say we have created lasting relationships with our alumni, so much so that they commonly refer their friends and family years later. Recently, Orion recently found careers for a father and son over a decade apart. In 2005, Arthur Benavides Sr. was introduced to an Orion recruiter at a TAP class before exiting the Army. He attended an Orion Hiring Conference where he interviewed for multiple positions. After careful consideration and multiple offers, Arthur accepted a position with Exxon where he is still employed to this day.

Mr. Benavides’ son., Arthur Jr., separated from Active Duty in 2013, found a job and earned his college degree in 2014. After gaining his degree and a few years of work experience he reached out to Orion, upon the recommendation of his father to explore other job opportunities in his field. We were able to match him with a job he loves with Phillips 66 in the fall of 2016.

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to help this father and son find rewarding careers, and we look forward to matching qualified candidates with great companies for decades to come. To learn more about how your company can recruit talented veteran candidates for your open positions, please click here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why Variable Workforce Staffing Works

Veterans are an outstanding source of proven and dependable talent for temporary, seasonal or project work, without adding to permanent headcount. Companies who utilize this talent through Variable Staffing also enjoy budget flexibility when paying recruiting fees is not an option, or when there’s not a funded permanent position. They also maximize their return on investment on operational and technical talent, while lowering their risk and overhead cost. Variable Staffing allows companies to effectively staff a Variable Workforce, or evaluate candidates over a period of time before extending a permanent employment offer.

Variable Workforce Staffing is great fit for companies looking to fill positions like Equipment Operators, Production and Operations Supervisors, Roustabouts, Assembly Line Workers, Field Service Technicians and Engineers, Test and Manufacturing Technicians, as well as Quality and Project Engineers.

Military Veterans are uniquely qualified for these positions, as they possess mechanical aptitude and a wealth of intangibles, such as outstanding work ethic, self-discipline, eagerness to excel, and proven performance under the most difficult of circumstances. They are focused on safety, physically fit, and are accustomed to working long shifts and in adverse conditions.

When deciding to use Variable Workforce Staffing for temp-to-perm and contract recruiting needs, employers should consider look for companies that offer the following services:
  • Recruitment of top military talent
  • Background checks, drug testing and employment verification
  • Serve as the Employer of Record
  • EEO Compliance
  • Smooth and efficient payroll / benefits administration
  • Liability / Workers Compensation coverage
  • Legal & HR Compliance Assurance
Companies looking for a scalable staffing model that doesn’t add to overhead but provides outstanding military talent should consider adding this type of staffing to their recruiting methods. Click here to learn more about how your company can benefit from Variable Workforce Staffing.